My name is Melinda Watpool and I have been training with Dewith Frazer for 5 years. I am a 4 time National Champion and two of my championships have come under the coaching of Dewith. What attracted me to Dewith as a coach was his demeanor at tournaments and events. I was really impressed with his coaching style and I was looking for a change. I had always respected him as a coach and former athlete and knew that we would be a great team together. Since training with Dewith I have competed at the Olympic trials for the 2012 summer games. My aim is to compete again at the trials and qualify for the 2016 Olympic games in Brazil.  I am very proud to call Dewith my coach and Dewith’s Boxing Studio my home gym.

My name is Khol Adams and I have been training with Dewith Frazer for 4 years. What attracted me to Dewith was his reputation as an elite boxer and coach. What kept me at Dewith’s Boxing Studio was Dewith’s patience with me and the ability to understand my mindset as a boxer. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Dewith and would not want to be anywhere else. I feel as though the sky is the limit for me and I hope to compete for a position on the Canadian Olympic team at the Olympic trials in 2015. I know that with Dewith Frazer in my corner, I have the best possible coach in the industry who has faith in me and confidence that I will succeed.

Nick German:

I am a member of Dewith’s Boxing Studio and I want to honestly say that it is the best decision I have ever made to come here to achieve my personal fitness goals. Before I joined Dewith’s Boxing Studio, I generally felt badly about myself for a long time and I was sulking in personal dissatisfaction while constantly looking in the mirror and not liking what was seeing in the reflection.

Dewith’s studio definitely provides me with all the necessities I need to gain what I truly wanted. I wanted a physical fitness environment with friendly, positive, and supportive people I can feel good and comfortable with to exercise, learn, and to train with enthusiasm.

My personal need is to be “the best me” possible through the discipline of the sport of boxing. Boxing training places such grueling demands on me and yet at the end of each work out, I feel great with spent fulfillment.

One critical goal I set for myself was to loose unwanted extra body weight I was carrying around for years. To do this, I joined a special “Boxing Boot-Camp” offered by Dewith [as the trainer] so to kick-start the goal I set for myself.

The “Boot-Camp” consisted of boxing basics, circuit training, and a meal plan, provided by Dewith [which turned out to be the critical factor in my goal for weight loss]. After the “Boot-Camp”, I lost 16 lbs. in 20 working days and I really loved the results of losing 2 inches off my waistline. To pull in two more notch holes on my pant belt is terrific and it now doesn’t seem so bad for me to look into the mirror.

I still have more weight I want to loose and obtain my ideal physique and mental fitness, but I know that I “can” achieve my goals with Dewith at Dewith’s Boxing Studio.