Holiday eating/festivity

with Christmas holidays just days away , it is time to start thinking about making sure you do not overeat as it is the festive season and family friends and work places are very generous with offerings ,especially food.

But remember we live in a country where we waste an enormous amount of food daily(enough to feed many countries),so while my job is to help members to lose weight ,I remind them that the foods they are eating must be in line with their physical activity ,so salty food usually makes the body hold on to fat, fruits are a great way to eat healthy and get fluid as well as energy. even more so its important to also have enough protein in your daily diet.

before you indulge in all the great/wonderful dishes that family , Friends and colleagues will be offering you , take the time and book a session with a Nutritionist and have them explain to you how to eat properly.

it will be a very beneficial and smart investment into your health ,as well as your long term nutritional lifestyle.

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