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20 Days to Eat & Sleep & Train like a Champ

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We offer monthly or yearly boot camps to meet your goals. The camps are available to meet your current goals as well as your long term goals to keep you focused throughout the year with fitness and nutrition guide. We are there the support you throughout your life style change and offer as much assistance as necessary to help you stay focused and on track to achieving your goals.

We understand that a few set backs can deter a person from returning to the gym and we hope to keep you accountable for your body and keep you motivated. As a former Olympian, professional athlete and Olympic coach, I understand that there is struggle to achieve your goals however I am confident that with your dedication and experience we will be able to get you to your goals as well as maintain them.

I encourage you to get fit, stay fit, eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many people who come to us are looking fitness and nutritional coach and want to know how to get the results they are aiming to achieve. I understand your needs and am willing to get you the answers and results that you seek. The boot camps are a huge part of staying active, feeling good and giving yourself a chance to look good and feel your best yet.

Everyone needs to eat and we also need to be active to stay at a healthy weight so we are able to occasionally indulge in foods that we desire. The boot camps are like getting a personal training session in a group environment. Meal plans are catered to you personally as well as alternative workouts for those who are not able to complete certain tasks.The camps are a great way to network within the gym as well as gaining additional support with your fellow campers.

We at Dewith’s Boxing Studio build a winning team that promotes health and fun living. Come join our program and enjoy the benefits!