With a few days left in 2016,it is time to get ready for a positive 2017.Living in Canada i feel it is the best country in the World,as my home i feel that way,in no way am i saying Canada is better than any other country,it is my personal opinion, […]

iPhone 325

#fitness for#new year’s Fitness goals

if you want to make fitness or nutritional changes in the coming year the best way is to start in December,this is why,most people in December decide to eat and have a care free attitude stuff like”i had a tough year so i am just going to eat all i […]

Little Champs Drop-in Kids Class

This program is designed to promote children to be active at an early stage in life, and gives them an activity that ALL children can excel in and have fun. Little Champs boxing classes at Dewith Boxing Studio will incorporate abdominal exercises, sprints, push ups, all while focusing on discipline, self-confidence, protecting themselves, improving […]



New YouTube Channel

Dewith Boxing Studio YouTube Click on the link above and check out DBS new YouTube channel. Watch videos of gym members fight predictions, Saturday kids boxing class, personal training and much much more.