Competitive Boxing Training


One of the most important thing in the world is knowledge. When you are able to implement your knowledge with the confidence to perform then that is a tool that not everyone has.

The owner of Dewith’s Boxing Studio is an Olympian himself as well as two time Olympic coach, national coach. He works with his clients and athletes in a hand on fashion that gives everyone the confidence and the ability to foresee themselves succeeding in their respected goals.

We know how to take a beginner and guide them to the top as shown in our athletes. We have the experience to guide you to the success that you desire to obtain your goal. We have the equipment, resources and most important we have the desire to guide you.

We know what works and what it takes to be the best. That is what makes us so unique here at Dewith’s Boxing Studio.
Let us be apart of your journey.

We recommend that before you decide to compete, you make the commitment to fitness. You may have an extraordinary amount of technical gift however fitness is the number one edge you can have in competition.

The time and dedication required to compete is not for everyone as it takes hours of preparation and coaches have limited time per individual. If you chose to compete it will mean tireless hours of training on your own time such as running, abs, push ups and visualization training.

The fees for competition training are a little higher than that of a general membership fee. This is due to the extra time that the coaches spend with each boxer in order to help prepare them for their competition as well as the time that the coaches spend getting to and from the tournaments as the coaching at the events are voluntary. It takes an average of six years of training for someone to excel in a sport and boxing is no different. Boxers need experience competing with all levels of competition to be comfortable as well as adjust to all styles of boxing and learn the mental and physical aspect of the sport.

Before a person makes the commitment to compete they first must show the coach a level of understanding of what it takes to compete. There is a discussion with a parent or guardian to set the guidelines for training expectations. Everyone has the ability to be successful but only a few want to do what is necessary to succeed. We have the ability to make anyone reach their competition goals as long as they have the right mind set and the willingness to learn.

We have created provincial, national, international and professional champions in the past and look forward to having you join our team.

We are always available to help anyone that wants to achieve their goals. We have the tools and knowledge to make it a reality.

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