With a few days left in 2016,it is time to get ready for a positive 2017.Living in Canada i feel it is the best country in the World,as my home i feel that way,in no way am i saying Canada is better than any other country,it is my personal opinion,

As a coach my goal is to set goals and inspire others to excel to their full potential.it also challenge me to do the same,it is difficult to teach and not lead,so be around positive people that spend time doing good to themselves and others around them,words are good and bad,try to stay with more positive words than negative,others who cannot do,usually spend their time telling others what they can or cannot do.


spend time working on what you want to do and your chances is better.so be the best you in 2017 and stay away from negative things,it is not a easy task.iPhone 325have a excellent 2017

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