Little Champs Kids Class


This program is designed to promote children to be active at an early stage in life, and gives them an activity that ALL children can excel in and have fun. Little Champs boxing classes at Dewith Boxing Studio will incorporate abdominal exercises, sprints, push ups, all while focusing on discipline, self-confidence, protecting themselves, improving hand and feet coordination, and building endurance.

At this age we find children need to learn the value of structure and also how to work with others. Boxing helps kids to share, respect and work together with their peers. During the drop-in, the child can learn the basic fundamental aspect of Boxing, the correct form in punching, correct boxing stance, and how to defend against an attack.

This is a good age to introduce children to benefits of fitness, nutrition, and the rules of boxing as well as the benefit to be active. It is a time to do assessment of their reflex and coordination, and muscle memory. They will be able to see the results of repetitions(practice) by repeating them over and over they will get the result and they can use this information with any tasks they are given in the future, we find active children, learn patience and understand that the result will come if they work at it, a simple exercise as skipping can show their progress with practice.

Boxing is the safest contact sport in Canada, we have less that 1% KO rate in competitions, this is due to better equipment and striker regulations; our goal is to teach boxing for fitness and technique. As a former Olympic boxer and national Team Coach, I design programs to teach each participant the correct fundamental base for future growth in Boxing and give them the mental aspect of a Champions mental outlook. Champions have a different mindset from others; this mindset can be helpful in all

Kids Ages 4 – 10 years old

Every Saturday Morning 10:30am – 11:30am

$10 Drop-in fee

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