Winter Fit Biz

With the cold weather outside it is only logical that inside is the place to be. That is why you should set your schedule to finish work and then hit the gym. The gyms are hot this time of year for you to meet people with a wide variety of workout experience, who are eager to share what works for them in hope it will also be beneficial for you. Making a fitness change takes courage and leadership. Your friends will look at you differently as soon as you decide to take the lead to improve your fitness and eat like a winner. Instead of choosing to go with the flow of everyone else, choose to be a positive force and show leadership by starting something new. From my perspective people are afraid to be different, but remember you can only truly be yourself, as it is the only person that you know and love 100%.

Think about it, in school you were told  “not to be a follower” and to be yourself. People tend to go away from these elements, however, you will get nowhere if you follow the crowd and will not be happy about it.  So follow what you believe in and do what makes you happy. I am not saying people cannot be happy being unfit, but I think it would be very difficult. To show happiness it requires movement and energy. Put yourself outside your body and see what others see. Ask yourself is this the absolute best i can be?” If the answer is yes, continue to do what you are doing; however if the answer is no, start the process to make it a yes next time.

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