punch yourself to joy+fitness

punch or not to punch,you have some people that deal with stress by doing mental training,stuff like yoga,reading and listening to relaxation videos and also by doing low energy exercise such as Pilates,walking,swimming etc etc.All of this is a great way to get fit both physically and mentally.

when most people think of Boxing they thinking of people fighting against each other,but before anyone gets to hit someone else they must learn how to punch correctly(can break your hands if done improperly),and also how to block,stand and be in good cardio shape,but by punching you are working on your abs,your arms,your legs and your reflex.hitting a heavy bag(boxing punching bag) can be fun,exciting and breath taking at the same time,but it is amazing when you can take out your physical frustration on a heavy bag,

As the new year approach,if you have never hit a heavy bag or a focus pad,do yourself a favor and get to a boxing club(most have a free visit) and experience the feeling you can get by hitting a heavy bag.

As a club owner i would welcome anyone coming in to the club and experience the joy of punching.iPhone 320iPhone 317

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