champs program

Champs program Our champs programs are New and a long time over due. As part of our long term vision; Boxing is a sport that offers all participants a chance to learn discipline, structure, focus, self esteem and self respect. At this age we find children need to learn the value of structure and Team […]

Fitness in the Summer

Summers here! There is warmer weather and longer days. This is a great time to turn your tired indoor fitness routine, into a creative outdoor workout. There is so many different activities you can do in the summer to stay fit. No matter where you will be; the cottage, camping, traveling, beaches, or at home, there […]

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Bootcamp benefits

Hey everyone! Did you guys know that we are having another bootcamp starting on May 5th to the 30th? It is everyday (monday to friday) from 6am to 7am. the first and third weeks are spent in the gym and the second and fourth week we are training at Centennial hill. It is a great […]

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  Little Champs Program This fun and exciting program introduces children to fitness, coordination and self-defense. We will help build confidence, improve self esteem and promote teamwork with peers. The program is called “little champs” because we are giving them the tools to act and behave like champions. The tools they receive from this program […]