black tie event

Victory Charity Ball At Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre The Heritage Court is one of Toronto’s most unique event venues, surrounded by the facade of 100 year old buildings, and most notably, the facade of the Coliseum building. In 1922, the Coliseum building was host to the record setting boxing match of Johnny Dundee vs. […]


spring Boxing boot camp

Spring will be here soon and as we do on a yearly basic,a spring training camp to get you a must needed Boost to your fitness,most people who do our camps,are to lose weight,but there are repeat clients that uses this camp to improve their fitness and get in excellent shape. there is no price […]

Dewith's boxing studio

Winter Fit Biz

With the cold weather outside it is only logical that inside is the place to be. That is why you should set your schedule to finish work and then hit the gym. The gyms are hot this time of year for you to meet people with a wide variety of workout experience, who are eager […]

Sponsor A Boxer

“Sponsor A Boxer” Three Levels of Sponsorship Olympic – National- Regional For over 15 years the Dewith Frazer Boxing + Fitness Inc (D.B.S.) has been available to our community. Our gym gives youths a healthy, competitive environment where high levels of discipline, respect and good sportsmanship are the standard. These fundamental principals have produced; over […]

Chris Dewith

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punch yourself to joy+fitness

punch or not to punch,you have some people that deal with stress by doing mental training,stuff like yoga,reading and listening to relaxation videos and also by doing low energy exercise such as Pilates,walking,swimming etc etc.All of this is a great way to get fit both physically and mentally. when most people think of Boxing they […]

saturday drop-in for children 4 – 10 years old

Our Saturday Drop- in programs are New and a long time overdue. It was a part of our long term vision; Boxing is a sport that offers all participants to learn discipline, structure, focus, self-esteem and self-respect. At this age we find children need to learn the value of structure and also how to work […]