Victory Charity Ball At Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre The Heritage Court is one of Toronto’s most unique event venues, surrounded by the facade of 100 year old buildings, and most notably, the facade of the Coliseum building. In 1922, the Coliseum building was host to the record setting boxing match of Johnny Dundee vs. […]

doing it for ME,get fit,be lean,be energized

summer round up,it has being quite a year for our studio,in Feb,i took off for a week to visit Jamaica to Teach Boxing to “under privileged children”,think about that Jamaica has a population of around 3 million people,it is surrounded by water,beautiful photos comes form this island the children in their school uniforms look so […]


September get fit month

It is school time and also time for the adults to get back in the gym,the good thing is you can now get in Christmas shape,our gym is got a simply concept,you come in and train and that is the key,we want you to be active and our goal is to have you get fit […]

champs program

Champs program Our champs programs are New and a long time over due. As part of our long term vision; Boxing is a sport that offers all participants a chance to learn discipline, structure, focus, self esteem and self respect. At this age we find children need to learn the value of structure and Team […]